Online-Data of the FINO 1 Platform in the North Sea

FINO 1 is a research platform for the offshore wind energy generation of the Federal Ministry of Environment (BMU). The DEWI GmbH is responsible for the meteorological measurements on FINO 1.

Electricity from offshore wind turbines will make an important contribution to tomorrow's energy policy. With a view to determining the effects on the marine flora and fauna, the research project FINO was initiated. On a research platform in the North Sea, a comprehensive series of measurements and investigations are being performed. The results are expected to yield findings of great importance for the technical and environmental assessment of wind technology.

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Daily Data


Current Data with Intraday Overview
(Resolution 1024x768)

Weekly Data


Current Data with Weekly Overview
(Resolution 1024x768)


Webcam 2 on the FINO 1 Platform,
view to the North