RAVE - Research at alpha ventus

One of the main topics currently is offshore wind energy, which is being investigated intensively and analysed with regard to possible technical risks and requirements using the specifically installed FINO research platforms. DEWI is responsible for the meteorological and structural measurements on FINO 1 located in the North Sea 45 km north of Borkum, next to the German Offshore Test Site alpha ventus. At alpha ventus, a major research project, RAVE (Research at Alpha VEntus), has been initiated where DEWI is responsible for the overall planning and realization of measurements, including the continuous development of the general measurement concept, the measurement systems and data management. DEWI is also a cooperation partner in various RAVE research projects such as OWEA and LIDAR.

Several results are already published in the DEWI Magazin or on conferences:

„Adventure Offshore – RAVE Installations 2009“ (GB), DEWI Magazin 36

Long term hydro sound measurements at the Alpha Ventus offshore wind farm focussing on pile driving noise
Wind Turbine Noise 2011, 4th International Conference, Rome, 11. - 14. April 2011

Validation of Taylor's Hypothesis under offshore conditions. An experimental study using a nacelle-based ‘two-beam' Lidar
Oral presentation at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011 (EGU2011). Vienna (Austria) 03-08 April 2011

First Test of a Nacelle-mounted two-beams Lidar System under offshore Conditions
EWEA 2011, 14-17 March 2011, Brussels

CFD simulations of wake effects at the Alpha Ventus offshore wind farm
EWEA 2011, 14-17 March 2011, Brussels

Research at the First German Offshore Wind Park Alpha Ventus – RAVE Instrumentation and Sensor Data Processing of AV07
DEWEK 2010: 10. Deutsche Windenergie-Konferenz, Bremen, 17. - 18. November 2010


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