DEWI Spain (DEWI GmbH, Sucursal en España)

In 1999 DEWI set up its first foreign branch in Pamplona, Spain. From there our activities in Spain and other countries have been co-ordinated and carried out successfully. During these years DEWI Spain has acquired responsibilities, being today in charge of project planning and project realization in many areas of services (micrositing, power curve, mechanical loads, acoustic and grid quality measurements).

For DEWI Spain, as for DEWI Wilhelmshaven, quality traditionally comes first in all services supplied by us. To ensure that DEWI quality standards are also maintained in Spain, all the Spanish engineers are first trained in Wilhelmshaven before starting to work in Spain. This guarantees that the knowledge gained during years of research and development work at DEWI is also applied in Spain. 

The DEWI branch in Spain is working increasingly for Spanish customers in South and North America, Asia, Oceania, the Mediterranean area, or in other countries where DEWI's excellent international contacts can be used. The market in Spain and the capabilities of the staff in Pamplona form a sound basis for the further positive development of the branch inside and outside of Spain and therefore for supporting the worldwide use of wind energy.

DEWI France

DEWI GmbH opened its French branch in Lyon in August 2005 after several years of increasingly intensive activity in France. At this time, the initial objective was to provide DEWI customers with a closer technical assistance and contact person.

Today, the French office is composed of six technical experts and one administrative assistant in charge of wind measurements, energy yield assessments, Due Diligence, Bank’s and Owner’s engineering as well as wind turbine inspections. The other DEWI services (power curve, acoustic, power quality and mechanical load measurements, wind turbine certification and offshore services) are also proposed in France but are so far mostly carried out from DEWI’s headquarters in Germany. DEWI France staff members are mostly dedicated to the services provided in France and neighbouring French-speaking countries (northern Africa for example) but are also involved in DEWI GmbH international projects (for example Turkey, Croatia, China, Sweden, Germany and Brazil).

Compared to the other branches of DEWI, DEWI France office activity reflects the status of the wind energy development in France. One of the main differences is that very few services are actually performed for wind turbine manufacturers. As a consequence, DEWI France is mostly involved in wind farm projects from the development to the financing and operational stages.

In total, DEWI France has been in charge of more than 70 measurement campaigns in France (wind, acoustics, power curve and mechanical load measurements), 230 energy yield assessments (more than 4000 MW), 30 Due Diligence projects (more than 500 MW) and 200 MW of wind turbine inspections.

DEWI Italy (DEWI GmbH, Branch in Italy)

In early 2008 DEWI decided to support its business in Italy by establishing a branch in the country. The office was established in north-western Italy in Genoa, a town historically linked to the Italian energy sector.

The support provided by DEWI in Italy is basically addressed to developers, investors and banks for whom DEWI offers micrositing and due diligence services. Whereas in the early years DEWI mainly concentrated on the execution and monitoring of high quality wind measurement campaigns, in the last years the activities have shifted more and more to the provision of independent opinions regarding those aspects of projects related to wind resource and wind technology.

Today DEWI is involved in a large number of energy yield assessments for developers, investors and banks, site classification studies according to IEC standards and wind-related due diligence tasks. DEWI has become in Italy a leading institution for site calibration services and power curve measurements according to international standards.

DEWI Turkey (DEWI Danışmanlık Mühendislik Ticaret Ltd. Şti.)

DEWI Turkey was founded in June 2010 as the latest member to the DEWI group. Although DEWI Turkey is the newest member of the group, DEWI’s engagement in Turkey started already in 2008 with the co-operation with Egeres. Increasing interest in the Turkish market for DEWI quality has played a key role in the foundation of DEWI Turkey. In addition to that, the main intention was to provide DEWI services and quality with a faster and more efficient response by using qualified and experienced local experts.

The staff of DEWI Turkey, headed by Mr. Günkut Kurtaran, consists of 5 technical experts and 1 assistant. All Turkish engineers are trained at the head office in Germany, to ensure that DEWI quality standards are maintained in Turkey and new local services can be developed. Thanks to the worldwide network and cooperations of the DEWI group, DEWI Turkey is able to offer the complete service portfolio to the clients in Turkey. Currently, DEWI Turkey’s main focus is on wind measurements (more than 80 measurement campaigns) ), Micrositing, Due Diligence and on Power Curve Measurements.

Because of the excellent wind potential and very supportive national energy policy in Turkey, we are confident that this DEWI branch will develop very well in accordance with DEWI’s well known motto “Quality by Know how”.

DEWI Brazil (DEWI do Brasil, Engenharia de Energia Eólica Ltda.)

In 2004 the DEWI opened its first and only office in South America, in São José dos Campos (São Paulo, Brazil). The objective is to provide high quality services and international standard in Brazil and South America to local and foreign clients who invest in wind power in the region and strengthen relations of contact with the project developers of wind farms, wind turbine manufacturers, government, investors and banks.

Along with DEWI Wilhelmshaven, the DEWI do Brazil provides the measurement campaign winds, assessment of energy production, micrositing, due diligence, checking the power curve, certification of wind turbines, etc. For DEWI do Brazil, as well as for the DEWI Wilhelmshaven, in all services, quality always comes first.

Due to the high wind potential in Brazil and growing demand for this type of power generation, awakened by global warming and stimulated by government programs (e.g. PROINFA) and other mechanisms (e.g. specific auctions of wind energy), DEWI is involved in a large number of certifications (e.g. power generation and measurement of wind) and evaluation of projects to investors.

DEWI China (DEWI Wind Energy Technical Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd.)

DEWI China’s office was officially opened in July 2008 in the capital of China, Beijing. As a brand-new start of DEWI’s involvement in China, it is dedicated to the rapid growth of the wind industry in China. Only by having such close contact to local customers, DEWI is able to provide more effective service with faster response. So far DEWI has successfully realised cooperations with local customers, in some of the most promising areas for the wind development, in the coastal area and in Inner Mongolia.

DEWI China’s office is headed by chief representative Yan Kuang, who is backed up by the whole competence of DEWI's worldwide network, but is able to respond to the request with local speed.



DEWI-OCC Offshore and Certification Centre GmbH (DEWI-OCC) was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of the German Wind Energy Institute (DEWI) with the city and the district of Cuxhaven as partners and is since then international successful.

Maritime competence and a special know-how in the field of wind energy represent the basis for the technical and scientific support of the growing offshore industry. For the wide variety of services offered by DEWI-OCC the interdisciplinary team of experienced and qualified engineers is prepared to meet all demands.

DEWI-OCC is a generally accepted certification body for on- and offshore wind turbines and their components, accredited by the DAkkS. In the field of wind energy DEW-OCC carries out certifications as well as expertises for investors (due diligence) and for government authorities, type approvals, examinations, periodic inspections, risk- and damage analyses.


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