Due Diligence

. Lender’s Engineer
. Owner’s Engineer
. Project Monitoring

Complementing the wind farm micrositing services, DEWI also offers due diligence, which is a thorough analysis of the complete wind farm project including all planning, financing, building permit and contract documents in order to minimise the project risk for investors, developers and owners.

During a due diligence process all the project-specific risks will be identified and quantified by DEWI. Any further measurements or optimisations resulting from this independent analysis will reduce the uncertainties and so improve the chances of success of the wind farm project.

Offered Services

Project review before implementation
. Wind measurements
. Energy yield assessment
. Wind farm design
. Assumed power curve
. Uncertainties and cost-benefits
. Exceedance levels (P50, P90, Pxx)
. Certification status and site-specific assessment
. Cost assumptions (O&M)
. Sales and warranty contracts
. Permits and licences (technical issues)
. Park cabling and grid connection
. Acoustic study

Project monitoring during implementation
. Project schedule and major milestones
. Costs vs budget
. Quality of the performed work
. Site inspection
. Validation of draw down requests

Project evaluation after completion
. Fulfilment of the construction contracts
. Turbine inspections
. Commissioning and initial operation

Project verification during operation
. Periodic inspection
. Review of operation data
. Review of O&M procedures
. Performance verification (Power curve)