FINO 1 Platform in the North Sea (incl. Online-Data)

Since mid-2003, the first German off-shore research platform has been erected in the North Sea, approx. 45 km off the island of Borkum within the framework of the FINO programme (FINO: research platforms in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea). The FINO 1 platform serves as a basis for an extensive technical and biological measuring programme. The results are to make an important contribution towards improving the available data for the sea region under investigation. The evaluation and application of the data will make it possible to reduce the existing risks in the design, erection and operation of off-shore wind turbines. In this way, manufacturers and investors will be given greater security with regard to aspects of plant construction and the assessment of profitability.

DEWI is responsible for the technical measurements at the FINO 1 platform. The aim of the investigations carried out by DEWI is the exact measurement of the meteorological conditions in the lower atmospheric boundary layer. A series of identical cup anemometers has been arranged on the south-east side facing away from the platform which measure the long-term wind speed at eight different height levels (33.5 to 101.5 m). On the north-west side of the mast, classic wind vanes are installed at 33.5, 50, 70 and 90m height to determine the wind direction. High-resolution ultrasonic anemometers (USA) are installed at the intermediate levels (40, 60 and 80m).

The FINO 1 research platform provides the highest continuous wind measurement in the off-shore area world-wide.

Besides being responsible for the technical measurements at FINO 1, DEWI has conducted research on the assessment of the data from that platform, in particular regarding mast effect corrections, wind profile analysis, long-term correlation and calculation of off-shore wind potential maps using the mesoscale flow model MM5.

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Current Data with Intraday Overview
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Current Data with Weekly Overview
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