Your Opinion on a Digitization of DEWI Magazin

Dear Reader,

the digitization of print media also has reached the DEWI Magazin. PDF files of all the articles of the magazine are already available on the DEWI website. In future we would like to increase our online activities and use the many advantages of a digital magazine more effectively.

Our aim is a multimedia design and improved graphic presentation for laptops, smartphones and tablets which have become part of our everyday life. With this step we want to make it easier and more attractive for you to read the news from the wind industry.

We want the transition from the printed to the internet-based magazine to be as smooth and convenient for our readers as possible. This is why we are asking for your opinion. Are you curious and would like to try an optimized online version of the DEWI Magazin? Please tell us. You can also answer the questions shown below in this online form.

If we do not get an answer from you we will assume that you would like to enjoy the advantages of our online version..

Thank you for your feedback!

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