Offshore Services

Compared to onshore wind parks, offshore installations are more complex in terms of structural design, installation and maintenance. Particularly those sites far away from the coast demand thorough development and planning of the turbine, its components and the entire wind park as a solid base for the investment. Based on pioneer research work in the offshore environment and the accumulated know-how from various offshore projects, the DEWI Group can help to facilitate your access to the offshore business.


Research Certification Assessment of Construction and Foundation Project Certification Energy Yield Assessment Other Services


The DEWI Group has been involved in offshore research and measurement projects since 2003. Further research is also being carried out regarding on-/offshore noise immission & acceptance, amongst other study topics. 

Energy Yield Assessment

Over the last decade, the DEWI Group has assessed numerous commercial offshore projects worldwide and has been involved in several research programs. On the basis of the extensive know-how acquired over the years, the DEWI Group offers its expertise in offshore wind farm projects all over the world. 

Project Certification

Project certification shall confirm that a specific offshore wind project complies with a set of rules and guidelines. The scope of the project certification usually includes environmental analysis and design basis, structural design, manufacturing and erection.

Certification of Turbine or Components

The certification process of an offshore wind turbine or its components is similar to an onshore certification process. Depending on the applied guideline, additional technical requirements have to be integrated in the certification process. 

Assessment of Construction and Foundation

While offshore wind turbines are usually type-certified serial products, the foundations are usually designed for the specific projects. Special focus must be given to the generation of the appropriate load assumptions for the foundations, in order to allow an adequate and cost-efficient design. The DEWI Group offers assessment of construction documents and interpretation of existing rules and guidelines. 

Other Services

  • Monitoring of offshore foundations
  • Underwater noise measurements and prognosis
  • Offshore LiDAR wind measurements
  • Studies
  • Meteorological and oceanographical measurements
  • Damage analysis
  • Transport and erection surveillance




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