Due Diligence

Mitigating Project Risks for Investors

DEWI’s due diligence section supports the various stakeholders – banks, investors, operators – in wind farm and PV projects with the aim to identify and evaluate technical project risks.

DEWI offers due diligence services for the complete life cycle of a project, with verification processes precisely tailored to the needs of the client.

  • In the project development stage: classic project review during investment or financing decisions;
  • During implementation: monitoring of construction work, acceptance tests and financial controlling;
  • During operation: inspection of the wind turbines or individual components, analysis of operating data.

The process of project development extends over a variety of subject areas – from meteorological to environmental and regional planning studies, from selecting the technology to drafting a contract and finally combining these elements to an economic project. This is also reflected in the items analysed by DEWI as part of a due diligence service:

  • External influences: apart from the meteorological conditions, other parameters such as general market conditions, building and operating permissions, remuneration, grid connection etc. are also analysed;
  • Technical project specifications: DEWI verifies the complete technical project design, such as the turbine specifics, electrical system, grid connection and grid compatibility, civil engineering;
  • Contract review: all project-specific contracts relevant for the implementation and operation of the project are reviewed for technical risks;
  • Risk analysis and financial controlling: risk assessment, checking the cash flow model as well as monitoring the cash outflow.

Based on the technical know-how of the DEWI staff, project-specific expert teams are assembled in order to perform these verification processes. The due diligence team can also tap the resources of the technical expert groups of DEWI and tackle wind turbine or PV plant problems directly and identify solutions.




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