Scientific Papers

Additionally to the articles in the DEWI Magazin, DEWI staff are also presenting their research & development results and other work results at different national and international conferences and in other magazines. The following list is an extract from the complete list of the DEWI publications. Other publications are available on request.



  • Micrositing using Wind Shear Corrected Power Curves - One Step Forward or Aside?
    EWEA 2014, Barcelona
  • Validation and Comparison of Wind Resource Models in Highly Complex Terrain
    EWEA 2014, Barcelona
  • Time Series of Amplitude Modulation of Wind Farm Noise at Noise Receptor Locations
    EWEA 2014, Barcelona
  • CFD calculations of FINO 1 mast effects
    6th International Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering - CWE2014, Hamburg






  • ModObs: Atmospheric modelling for wind energy, climate and environment applications: exploring added value from new observation technique (co-author).
    Work in progress within a FP6 Marie Curie Research Training Network EMS Annual Meeting - 9, 2009, Toulouse (FR), 28 Sep - 2 Oct



  • FINO1 and the mast shadow effect
    52nd IEA Topical Expert meeting: Wind and Wave Measurements at Offshore Locations, Berlin, Germany, February 2007
  • RANS-Modelling of Wind Flow through Large Offshore Wind Farms
    Proceedings of the European Wind Energy Conference 2007, Mailand
  • The planetary boundary layer over the north sea: measurements and mesoscale simulations (co-author)
    Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol 9, 09675, SRefID:1607-7962/gra/EGU2007-A-09675. Vienna (Austria).


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