Power Performance Measurement

Measurement of Wind Turbine Power Curves

Before deciding on an investment, any potential operator will carry out a site assessment in order to estimate the potential energy yield. The basis of such a site assessment are the prevailing wind conditions at the proposed site and the power curves of wind turbine generators of different types and manufacturers.

By measuring the specific power performance of a wind turbine, a manufacturer can provide a potential operator with the necessary basis for calculating the potential energy yield. The manufacturer himself uses the results of power curve measurements to optimise his wind turbines. For operators of wind turbines already installed, a power curve test proves whether or not a turbine conforms to the specifications given by the manufacturer.

  • Power performance measurements within the framework of guarantee requirements for recently installed wind farms
  • Prototype measurements
  • Power curves of on-/offshore wind turbines
  • Application of remote sensing methods including the full wind profile following the equivalent wind speed definition of the upcoming IEC 61400-12-1.
  • Application of forward looking Lidar’s measuring the wind speed at hub height.
  • Due diligence on implications of warranty measurement specifications in wind turbine sales contracts.
  • Optional measurements: Site calibrations and nacelle anemometer calibrations
  • Sensitivity analyses to parameters such as turbulence intensity and wind profile available
  • Possible combination with load measurement campaigns
  • Measurements carried out according to the latest standards and guidelines: IEC 61400-12-1 (2006) Wind Turbine Power Performance Testing, MEASNET and FGW
  • DEWI (Wilhelmshaven) is accredited by DAkkS (German Accreditation Body) according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for "Power performance measurements on wind turbines"
  • Active member of international and national working groups on standardization such as IEC 61400-12-x, MEASNET and FGW




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