Wind Turbine Inspection

Ensure a Safe and Efficient Operation

DEWI offers an independent service for periodic technical inspections on wind turbines and wind farms during the project life cycle. The services provided by DEWI allow project developers, wind farm owners or investors to combine technical safety with a reliable and profitable management within the long-term operation of the wind farm.

Our goal is to maintain your wind turbines in optimal condition by means of an assessment of the current technical state, clarification of technical issues and initial damages summed up in a well documented report. Based on 25 years of experience in wind turbine technology and technical know-how, our expertise results from a close relationship between experienced and qualified experts within DEWI. In order to provide these services, all our expertise is constantly updated and compliant with current technical knowledge. Furthermore, because quality in our services is very important to us, we are working together with specialised and experienced companies of the wind turbine industry.

Damage Analyses

In case of damage on or caused by wind turbines, we as an independent expert can clarify the nature of the damage and determine the root causes at any stage from component delivery to any time during the operating period. DEWI can be commissioned as an independent expert to conduct investigations into the circumstances of the damage and to render a technical opinion.

DEWI offers also Due Diligence, which is a thorough analysis of the complete wind farm project including all planning, financing, building permit and contract documents in order to minimise the project risk for investors, developers and owners.

Technical Inspections

Inspections at specific times

  • At the workshop as soon as nacelles and blades have successfully passed the manufacturing quality control process
  • At the site just after the delivery of the components
  • At certain stages during assembly/construction of the wind turbine or wind farm

Periodic inspections

  • Just after commissioning to establish a snag list before signing the approval certificate
  • Before the end of the warranty period to ensure that warranty claims and contractual obligations of the manufacturer are fulfilled before the deadlines
  • During the life of wind farms and wind turbines, recommended every 2 or 4 years

Specific inspection on main components

  • Endoscopic inspection on: gearboxes, bearings, main shafts, pitch systems
  • Vibration measurement and diagnosis for the drive train, shaft alignment
  • Inspection of blade and/or blade lightning protection system
  • Insulation test on generator, oil and grease analysis and diagnosis




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