25 years of DEWI – a reason to celebrate

Wilhelmshaven. On February 4, 2016, DEWI celebrated its 25th anniversary in the Atlantic Hotel Wilhelmshaven together with numerous guests and DEWI employees from German as well as from international branches. The DEWI’s anniversary was a convenient reason to glimpse into the future as well as to review the past. During the celebration guests were reminded of DEWI’s milestones in development by taking a look at the time line that had been built up in the foyer of the hotel.

Also Ursula Glaser, mayor of the city of Wilhelmshaven, where DEWI had been founded 25 years ago, referred to some of those milestones while she addressed a few words to the guests. In her speech she talked about the beginnings of DEWI and its importance for the city of Wilhelmshaven. Another guest speaker, Prof. Dr. Andreas Reuter, Director of  IWES Northwest Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology, invited the audience even to take a look back at 3,000 years of wind energy – in an entertaining way.

Stefan Wenzel, Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Protection, as well as deputy prime minister, came as a representative of the federal state of Lower Saxony. He highlighted the relevance of DEWI’s research work for the further expansion of renewable energies. Furthermore, he spoke about Lower Saxony’s efforts to realize energy transition, about the future design of energy systems and about external conditions for the extension of renewable energies.

Four years ago, the former DEWI GmbH was privatized and became a part of the US-American corporation UL (Underwriters Laboratories). Jeff Smidt, Vice President and General Manager UL Energy and Power Technologies, and Gitte Schjøtz, Senior Vice President UL International Demko A/S, took a look back at this process. Both of them had directly been involved in the privatization process and stressed once more the high significance of DEWI for UL.

Towards the end of the official part of the celebration, managing director Jens Peter Molly gave insights into the foundation of DEWI as well as a humoristic and ironic look back at 25 years of DEWI. During his speech he underlined the importance of DEWI’s employees for the success of the company. Without them DEWI would not have been able to develop into a globally acting and highly respected company. A major part of the staff has been working for DEWI for many years. 



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