Asset Management and Due Diligence

Understanding risks and uncertainties related to wind farm projects is essential to reliable wind farm planning and successful operation. DEWI’s service packages are designed for the entire life cycle of the wind farm, to give the client a complete view of the project at crucial points in its life time. The process starts by identifying and evaluating technical project risks, beginning with the development and construction of the wind farm, and continuing with the optimization of its operation.

Project Development

Technical advisory service for the entire project development phase:

  • Energy yield:  preliminary & final calculations, layout optimization, scenario comparison
  • Advising on project design
  • Turbine selection: contractual assessment and economic scenario comparison
  • Assessment of structural integrity, incl. loads calculations for site-specific conditions (site specific design assessment – SSDA)


Before financial close, DEWI acts as lender’s technical advisor (LTA) in order to identify and mitigate the risks of the wind farm project.

  • Energy yield assessment & site suitability: review of third-party study / second opinion study
  • Design review: civil, electrical engineering & wind turbine Technology
  • Documentation review: contractual & permitting framework, planning schedule
  • Finance assessment: review of cash flow model


Mergers and Acquisitions

In the course of selling or acquiring wind farms, DEWI experts analyze project documents and data to identify potential risks.

Project Execution

During the construction phase, DEWI experts monitor the progress of the project execution from technical, financial and planning perspectives until the start of operation.


Dewi offers wind energy stakeholders a variety of training, all of which is available either publicly or in-house.

Both standardized and customized training can be delivered.

The standardized courses include:

  • Asset-management
  • Contract management
  • Wind turbine technology

Wind Farm Performance

Assessment of wind farm performance for optimization of wind farm operation.


DEWI offers an independent service for periodic technical inspections on wind turbines / wind farms during the project life cycle.

  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Wind farm infrastructure inspection
  • Wind turbine component inspection: gearbox, blades, etc.
  • Wind turbine settings: yaw alignment, blade pitch, rotor imbalance, etc.
  • Root cause analysis (RCA): incl. inspections, numerical and theoretical analysis of components and on-site measurements
  • Control and optimization

Life Time Extension (LTE)

DEWI supports with the LTE service the reliable and safe operation of wind turbines / wind farms beyond the original design life.

  • Wind farms remaining useful life (RUL) determination: mergers & acquisitions, re-financing, changing operations and maintenance (O&M) contracts
  • LTE valuation for complete company fleet: asset re-evaluation, financial audits, stocks valuation.
  • Evaluation of LTE solutions: return on investment, impact on O&M expenses
  • Smart operational life management: Operational strategies, technology upgrade.
  • Wind farm LTE certification: with focus on safety regulations





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